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Tattoo was used in ancient time for multiple purposes. One of these usage was the social hierarchy, from the idea that among more tattoos you had, more respect was received. This purpose was most popular in the Polynesian tribes and ancient Egypt. In the Far East, tattoo was used to mark criminals, which made that persons that broke the law were hated for all their lives. The latter purpose has become a prejudice in today’s society.

Some people think that having a tattoo means to be a bad person, making the use of tattoos as taboo; this does not mean that all people who use tattoos are good, but the first impression for some people, about people with tattoos, it is always negative.

Even Japan, a country with a long tradition of tattooing, banned the use of tattoo in 1842 to support its entry into the world market, arguing that tattoos could cause the other countries saw them as dangerous people. I think that this fact influenced to a large extent anti-tattoo mentality, because of the economy has been one of the more important ways of social interaction along human history.

In my opinion, I think society should be less prejudiced, and appreciate a person for their skills, and not by ways of individual expression. I do not mean to be a necessity to get a tattoo, and more respect for people who are more tattooed (as in ancient Polynesian tribes); I think that is more important for society to change its views, and not be guided by harmful prejudices.




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